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What is a Pirateheart Persian?

What is a Pirateheart Persian ? It is a persian cat or kitten that was raised with love and well socialized.  It is a happy, healthy, playful kitty that will steal your heart.  They come in precious metal colors of silver and gold.  The eyes look like precious jewels in bluegreen or greem.   I also have a small number of solid persians thanks to I-catchers and D'Eden Lover Persians (France)  for their trust and entrusting me with a couple of their beautiful cats.


Here at Pirateheart, I am striving to meet the Cat Fancier's Association standard of a "balanced cat" with a small nose and "break" between the eyes, while at the same time the kitty has  a sweet expression.  


My cats and I regularly attend CFA shows in the Northwest Region.  If you notice, many of the cats on my page have initials indicating that they not only were shown in a cat show but they also scored enough points to obtain a titles.  You can look up my cats on the CFA Northwest website for confirmation of these titles under winners and past winners.  


All my cats have been tested by UC Davis and are PKD and PRA negative.  Kittens are microchipped and given all age appropriate vaccinations.  They are guarenteed to be free of parasites,  disease, or genetic disorders.  I breed for temperment and train the kittens to be well behaved.  Kittens begin recieving grooming early and often to enable them and their future owners a lifetime of beauty and happiness.  Call for information on available kittens and to be put on a waitlist for your desired kitten.


Please let me know if you are interested in a retired breeder/show cat.  These are cats I kept for my own breeding and showing and they are of excellent quality.  I will often make these kitties available when they are between 1 and 5 years old.  These kitties are at a reduced price and they leave with all their vaccinations, microchipped and spayed or neutered.   Retirees have lovely temperments, well socialized and have many years of enjoyment and lap time left in them.


A word about safe pet buying and what sets me apart from other breeders.   I meet people at my office.  I do not believe it is a safe practice to invite strangers into my home.  This is for my safetly and the safety of my cats.  It also allows you to know I am legitimate.  All "pets" leave me spayed or neutered or with an agreement to spay or neuter, vaccinated and microchipped,  and free of any parasites or fungus .   


If you are shopping with other breeders, for your own protection and to avoid being scammed,  please insist on speaking with a real person (at least on the phone, if not in person and seeing the cat you are buying) before sending any money.  I keep a waitlist for kittens, but do not charge to be placed on it. Seriously why would you put money on a kitten that has not been born yet?  Too many things can happen and often people who operate this way do a "bait and switch scheme".   Speaking of  "bait and switch" be careful about super "cutsie" kitten pictures that are often very photoshopped and barely resemble the actual cat you will get.  Once you get a kitten you will realize how difficult it is to actually take nice pictures of the little ones as they tend to turn their head away or close their eyes at the exact right second!  When I post kitten pictures they are untouched.  It is best to see the actual kitten in person, but if that is not possible ask for a facetime or a video of the kitten.   It is difficult to photoshop a video.


As for supposedly "show quality" kittens - Ask the seller what shows they go to?  What tiltles their cats have achieved?   Look on the CFA website to see what actual show quality persians look like!


Any deposits should be for a specific cat, and if the seller cannot provide that particular cat the deposit must be refundable.  I have been contacted by so many people who have been previously scammed by "kitten mills", fake websites or false advertisements on places such as craiglist.  We all love pets and they bring us so much joy.  

GC, BWR, RW Castlegate's Angel of Pirateheart
GCD, BWR, RW Castlegate Capt Will of Pirateheart - Shaded Golden Persian,
GC, RW, Pirateheart's Carina
GC L'Dearheart Tiffany - Chinchilla Silver Persian
GC, RW, Pirateheart's Betty Bluep - CFA's first and only blue golden female Regional Winner
GC L'Dearheart Angelica Teach - Shaded Silver Persian
GC, RW Castlegate Elizabeth of Pirateheart - Shaded Blue Silver Persian

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