Pirateheart Persians
GC, BWR, RW Castlegate's Angel of Pirateheart
GC, RW, Pirateheart's Carina
GC L'Dearheart Tiffany - Chinchilla Silver Persian
GCD, BWR, RW Castlegate Capt Will of Pirateheart - Shaded Golden Persian,
CH, Pirateheart's Betty Bluep
GC L'Dearheart Angelica Teach - Shaded Silver Persian
Tiffany as a baby
GC, RW Castlegate Elizabeth of Pirateheart - Shaded Blue Silver Persian

What is a Pirateheart Persian?

What is a Pirateheart Persian ? It is a persian cat or kitten that was raised with love and well socialized.  It is a happy, healthy, playful kitty that will steal your heart.  They come in precious metal colors of silver and gold.  The eyes look like precious jewels in bluegreen or greem.  


Here at Pirateheart, I am striving to meet the Cat Fancier's Association standard of a "balanced cat" with a small nose and "break" between the eyes, while at the same time the kitty has the ability to breath easily without noise or health issues and having a sweet expression.  Pirateheart persians are moderate to traditional persians.  


My cats and I regularly attend CFA shows in the Northwest Region.  


All my cats have been tested by UC Davis and are PKD and PRA negative.  Kittens are microchipped and given all age appropriate vaccinations.  They are guarenteed to be free of parasites,  disease, or genetic disorders.  I breed for temperment and train the kittens to be well behaved.  Kittens begin recieving grooming early and often to enable them and their future owners a lifetime of beauty and happiness.  Call for information on available kittens and to be put on a waitlist for your desired kitten.


Please let me know if you are interested in a retired breeder/show cat.

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